Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services

You may have helped clients to expand their businesses through acquisition or even sell their companies. Yet when it comes to going through the process yourself, it's a whole new ball game.

Even if colleagues or competitors have gone down this route, it's not something they generally talk about.

The process can be treacherous: Fees bought for top dollar, only to discover low margin / high maintenance, headache clients. Sellers finding the client base and team, they built over a lifetime, destroyed in months through mismanagement.

Whether you’re curious about selling or buying, all or part of your client base, it’s vital you have an experienced, accountancy specialist, broker by your side.

It’s about so much more than introducing you to a buyer or seller. The Identify Executive team will guide you through the initial stages of assessing market conditions, identifying suitable targets, due diligence, price valuations, negotiations to completion.

Operating out of Sydney and the UK, Identify Executive have 30-years’ experience in complex M&A accountancy assignments.

The process starts by listening and truly understanding your situation and your objectives. It’s only then we can deliver you the best results.

So, if you’re giving some thought to selling or buying, let us help you to see all your options.

Just click on the button and arrange a convenient time to talk, confidence assured.

Ian Innerd



I first met Ian when I was mulling over whether to sell my practice. I was in two minds at the time, but figured I had nothing to lose to have a conversation with him. We sat down and talked, no pressure, no sales hype, just talked. At that time, I decided to continue on, 6 months later I arranged to meet with Ian again and said, I'm ready to sell now.

Amanda Fisher

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